Information Technology Banking Thesis


Information Technology Banking Thesis

Therefore, this study provides the basis that application of information technologyconcepts, techniques, policies and implementation strategies to banking services will become asubject of fundamental importance and concerns to all banks and indeed a perquisite for localand global competitiveness. Transmission (fax) fax is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed materialboth text and images, normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other outputdevice. Ais studies have incorporatedcontingency factors such as organizational structure, business strategy, and environmentalcondition in their research model but have neglected the influence of it on ais design.

This involves setting up a computer network within the office (intranet) oroutside the office (extranet) to facilitate electronic dissemination of information,teleconferencing and among stakeholders. Security it is provided to existing and potential customers of a commercial bank toprotect privacy and security of customer or clients while visiting and transacting business withthe bank on the internet. Conclusions are made and some useful recommendations given.

It was recognizedwhen the first proposals were made that it would be essential to produce decoders that could bedesigned into receivers with minimal additional cost and large-scale integrated circuits haveenabled this to be achieved, mother sole, (1979). Performance of banking operations throughappropriate information technology, in information technology in nigerian bankingindustry, spectrum books, ibadan, 63-78. Information technology in a de- regulated telecommunications environment,keynote address, info tech 95, international conference on information technologymanagement, lagos, nov 16 -17.

Anovahypothesis twoh0 information technology devices do not help bank staffs effectively in the performance oftheir duties. Ict, deregulation and globalization in the bankingindustry could reduce the income streams of banks and thus the strategic responses of the banks,particularly the trend towards internal cost cutting, mergers and accusations are likely to changethe dynamics of the banking industry. Dependent variable internet banking has reduced banking cost.

The need to build a better infrastructure that will serve as backbone for communicationwithin the banks. Journal and education and development using ict, 4 (3), 43-62. Banking banking and customers access to financial services has transcendedtraditional retail banking with local branches to branch networks,, internet banking, homebanking, mobile banking, to mention a few.

This will help to clarify and broaden our sense of direction in this research work. The customer on the other hand, stand toenjoy the benefit of quick service delivery, reduced frequency of going to the banks physicallyand reduced cash handling, which will give rise to higher volume of turnover. Banking is the situation whereby transfer of payment are been done via computers. As a result of this banking operation in nigeria has become computer baseddelivery systems the new generation banks have become very profitable. Data processing can be said as theprocess of recording, analyzing, sorting, summarizing, disseminating and storing data.



Information Technology Banking Thesis

a study of information technology implementations in malaysian banks
This thesis is the result of my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. ..... 3.2.1 Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) Strategies.
Information Technology Banking Thesis It shall be tested using the t-test statistical method and linearregression. Aig-imoukhuede, (2003), mentioned that to bringbanking services closer to a customer and to guarantee the opportunity to use them anytime acustomer wants, the on-line-real-time phenomenon which has been the single most importantchange to banking operations over the last ten years. The alternate (h1)hypothesisthe null hypothesis states a conjecture in a negative form while the alternate states a conjecturein a positive form (izedonmi, 2005). American institute of certified public accountants (aicpa) has recognized the growingimportance of information technology.
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    In this regard the main objectives of this study will includei. The use of information technology does not have a significant effect on the operation ofcommercial banks. Thisinstrument was drafted by the researcher howbeit the supervisor of this study reviewed and 35acknowledged it before implementation exercise to ensure that the questionnaire was structuredin order to be appropriate for the study. This means that for every 100 changein operations of commercial banks, information technology is responsible for 60. The study therefore concluded that government accessto data appears as the most important benefit and risk respectively while reduced.

    Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. A total number of 100 questionnaires were distributed and 94 of these questionnaireswere returned, showing average return rate 94 questionnaires. In september 1996, guaranty trustbank plc became a publicly quoted company and won the nigerian stock exchange presidentsmerit award that same year and subsequently in year 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and2009 respectively. Assessing theimpact on accountants and organizations, advances in accounting information systems,5, 3-34. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

    In 2007, the bank entered thehistory books as the first nigerian financial institution to undertake a us350 million regulations eurobond issue and a us750 million global depositary receipts (gdr) offer. Error meaninformation technology andcomputer have really helpedimpacted banks operationpositively. In other words, the items set or statements made should reflectthe purpose of the envisaged problem of the research study (objectives). From the above analysis, the calculated value is above the tabulated value, thereforethe null hypothesis (h0) should be rejected in favor of the alternative hypothesis (h1) accepted. Security it is provided to existing and potential customers of a commercial bank toprotect privacy and security of customer or clients while visiting and transacting business withthe bank on the internet. Information technology affects how managers decide, how they planand what product and services are offered in the banking industry. Data the use of questionnaires will adopt a structured questionnaire approach whichwill be administered to commercial banks. The research study set out to assess the impact of informationtechnology on commercial banks in nigeria and to provide vital information in order to extractthe sincere perception of the bank customers and staffs in nigeria with regards to the positionand role of information technology in commercial banks in nigeria. Firms todaycan outsource their manufacturing to other nations of the world and rely mostly ontelecommunications to keep marketing and distribution teams in close contact with themanufacturing company. Post-consolidation, guarantytrust bank plc made a strategic decision to actively pursue retail banking.

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been a current ... This dissertation concentrates on the effects of ICT on the banking sector and the.

    The Effect of Information Technology on the Growth of the Banking ...

    The advent of Information Technology (IT) is rapidly changing the banking ..... Banking Industry in Nigeria, M.B.A. Thesis in Management and Accounting,.
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    Thus the two scores obtained from the test are gathered together and correlated so as todetermine the relationship that exist between the first test score and the retest score. Usually, the known value is a population mean. Hypothesis information technology devices do not help bank staffs effectively onthe performance of their duties. The questionnaire shall contain twenty (22) items divided intotwo sections. Ais studies have incorporatedcontingency factors such as organizational structure, business strategy, and environmentalcondition in their research model but have neglected the influence of it on ais design.

    In 1990,the ima warned that accountants in banks who stay on the traditional accounting turf risk beingovertaken by computer experts (seigel and sorensen, 1999) Buy now Information Technology Banking Thesis

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    Third wave breaks on the shores of accounting. Field survey, (2014)interpretationthe above question has a calculated value (t-value) of 20. Itis in view of this that this research work attempts to examine the impact of informationtechnology on the performance of banks in nigeria today. Todays business environment is very dynamicand it undergoes rapid changes as a result of technological innovation, increased awareness anddemands from customers. Information technology which is synonymous with computercommunication technology in everyday language can be defined as technologies that facilitatesthe information cycle, comprising gathering, processing, disseminating and storing ofinformation and as such information technology encompasses a wide range of technologies suchas telephone, computer, word processing application, web browser, servers, full text document,database and main frame computers Information Technology Banking Thesis Buy now

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    One sample testone-sample testtest value 0t df sig. The implication is that information technology device has helped bankstaffs effectively in the performance of their duties. Harnessing information technology for 21stcentury library education innigeria. Nigeria, that is guaranty trustbank plc which will be adopted for the questionnaire both to the employer (bankers) and 33customers of the selected banks. Thistherefore calls for as a result, there is a pre-requisite need to embrace information technology.

    The computers are within a limited geographic area, such as acampus or military base. Bank was satisfactorily poised to meet the n25 billion minimumcapital base for banks introduced by the central bank of nigeria in 2005, as part of theregulating bodys efforts to sanitize and strengthen nigerian banks Buy Information Technology Banking Thesis at a discount

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    He opined that online banking services 11should be made available to customers at any time so as to bring a customer closer and familiarwith banking services. Definition of termscomputer is an electronic machine that can store, organize and retrievelocate information,perform calculations and control other machines. Technology is the study or the use in electronic processes for gathering and stronginformation and making it available using computers. Therespondent will comprise of bank staff and customers numbering 1-100. Definition and meaning of information technologyinformation technology simply refers to as the gathering, storing, manipulating and transferringinformation.

    With the use oftechnology internet banking and other components of i Buy Online Information Technology Banking Thesis

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    Hence, the use of information technology has asignificant effect on the operation of commercial banks in nigeria. The periodical literature of library and information science in africa19962000. Sex of respondentgenderfrequency percent valid percentcumulativepercentvalid male 58 61. The role of information technology in the profit and costefficiency improvements of the banking sector. Technology, bank automation, and attitude of workers innigerian banks.

    Thus their customers do not need to carry cash forlong distances. Network computer network is a group of two or more computer systems linkedtogether. The employees no longer have to deal with bulky paper which is veryexhausting and the customers can now make enquires on the account and make withdrawalswithout direct over the counter contact via the use of the automated teller machine (atm) Buy Information Technology Banking Thesis Online at a discount

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    Recommendationsthe impact of information technology on commercial banks performance has been broadlydiscussed in the previous chapters. Nigeria is becoming highly information technology based this isbecause of its inter-sectorial link and as it appears to be reaping from technology revolution, as itis seen by its application in all areas of its activities (akinuli, 1999). Similarly,they believe that electronic banking increases the chances of government access to public data,increases the chances of fraud and that there is lack of information security. Banking is the situation whereby transfer of payment are been done via computers. Taibat, (2012) researched on bankers perception on information technology innigeria purposely to find out how bankers perceive the benefits and threats associated withinformation technology by investigating banks employees perception on electronic banking andits implications on bank service delivery Information Technology Banking Thesis For Sale

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    Data this will include text books, journal, newspaper, internet etc. Commercial bank is the cause, while impact ofinformation technology is the effect of operationalization in this research. Teller machine is a machine that enables banks customers to withdraw moneyfrom their checking or savings account by inserting an automated teller machine. These should be periodic reviewer of the planning techniques toensure they suit the objectives of the organization. The level on increase in the performance of commercial banks via the use of informationtechnology.

    Limitation of the studythis research work will be based on the importance and role of information technology incommercial banking in nigeria using guaranty trust bank plc For Sale Information Technology Banking Thesis

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    Itis in view of this that this research work attempts to examine the impact of informationtechnology on the performance of banks in nigeria today. It also opens opportunity for regulatory arbitragefirms can increasingly choose which tax authority and other regulations they want or intend toadopt. It focuses on thestatistical instruments used, since variables are involved in this research work, the data collectedwill be converted into normal or ordinal figures by the application of predetermined weightingon them. If the networks are low, ict is likely toi. Introductioninformation technology (it) is the bedrock for national development in a rapidly changingglobal environment, and this challenges us to devise bold and courageous initiatives to address ahost of vital socio-economic issues such as reliable infrastructure, skilled human resources, andother essential issues of capacity building Sale Information Technology Banking Thesis




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