Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

SparkNotes: The Giver: Context SparkNotes: The Giver: Context
A short Lois Lowry biography describes Lois Lowry's life, times, and work. Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced The Giver.

Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

This, rather, is what we ought to realize - how many men anger in and of itself has injured. We men at times are stirred with pleasure if a youth of steady courage meets with his spear an onrushing wild beast, if unterrified he sustains the charge of a lion. What? Is not a fever feared, the gout, a malignant sore? And do they for that reason have any good in them? Or are they, on the contrary, all despised and loathsome and ultiv.

But, in very truth, a great and just man honours those of his foes who are bravest and are most stubborn in the defence of the liberty and the safety of their country, and prays that fortune may grant him such men as fellow-citizens, such as fellow-soldiers. Consequently, while it forms impressions and notions of the things that arouse it to action, they are clouded and indistinct. Childhood, therefore, should be kept far from all contact with flattery let a child hear the truth, sometimes even let him fear, let him be respectful always, let him rise before his elders.

The staunchest member of the body is the one that is kept in constant use. It is a pleasure, you say, to see money-bags lying in the corner. They live as though they were in a gladiatorial school - those with whom they eat, they likewise fight.

Very true, unless it is actuated by something more powerful than anger. And, on the other hand, he will not be disturbed if the king of the medes or king attalus of asia, ignoring his greeting, passes him by in silence and with a look of disdain. Is he a friend? He has done what he did not mean to do.

For we hold on to it and nurse it, as if the violence of our anger were proof of its justice. His reason for not striking was the very reason that would have caused another to strike. You think this the utterance of a great soul? You deceive yourself for there is nothing great in it - it is monstrous.

Do you imagine that the lacedaemonians hate their children when they test their mettle by lashing them in public? Their own fathers call upon them to endure bravely the blows of the whip, and ask them, though mangled and half-dead, to keep offering their wounded bodies to further wounds. The period of education calls for the greatest, and what will also prove to be the most profitable, attention for it is easy to train the mind while it is still tender, but it is a difficult matter to curb the vices that have grown up with us. While we are sane, while we are ourselves, let us ask help against an evil that is powerful and oft indulged by us. And one does not need to be a wise man to despise these, but merely a man of sense - one who can say to himself do i, or do i not, deserve that these things befall me? If i do deserve them, there is no insult - it is justice if i do not deserve them, he who does the injustice is the one to blush. For, though the true profit of virtuous deeds lies in the doing, and there is no fitting reward for the virtues apart from the virtues themselves, still it is a pleasure to subject a good conscience to a round of inspection, then to cast ones eyes upon this vast throng - discordant, factious, and unruly, ready to run riot alike for the destruction of itself and others if it should break its yoke - and finally to commune with oneself thus.

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A summary of Chapters 17–18 in Lois Lowry's The Giver. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Giver and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

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Possible Essay Questions For The Giver Hot upon the heels of such a man follow loathing, hatred, poison, Although he was in the habit, within bounds, of indulging in anger, yet he preferred being unable to do so he thought that the most gracious form of pardon was not to know what the offence of each person had been. Therefore that primary disturbance of the mind which is excited by the impression of injury is no more anger than the impression of injury is itself anger the active impulse consequent upon it, which has not only admitted the impression of injury but also approved it, is really anger - the tumult of a mind proceeding to revenge by choice and determination. I do not deny that the wise man feels these things for we do not claim for him the hardness of stone or of steel.
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    I of all mortals found favour with heaven and been chosen to serve on earth as vicar of the gods? I am the arbiter of life and death for the nations it rests in my power what each mans lot and state shall be by my lips fortune proclaims what gift she would bestow on each human being from my utterance peoples and cities gather reasons for rejoicing without my favour and grace no part of the wide world can prosper all those many thousands of swords which my peace restrains will be drawn at my nod what nations shall be utterly destroyed, which banished, which shall receive the gift of liberty, which have it taken from them, what kings shall become slaves and whose heads shall be crowned with royal honour, what cities shall fall and which shall rise this it is mine to decree. Consider, too, that it is for the common good to have the best men become soldiers, so to speak, and do service. He moaned, and now and then would burst forth into fitful and inconsistent speech what then? Shall i let my murderer walk about in unconcern while i am filled with fear? What! Shall he not pay the penalty who, sought in vain as my life has been in so many civil wars, saved unhurt in so many battles of fleets and armies, now that peace prevails on land and sea, is determining not to murder but to immolate me? (for the plan was to attack him while offering sacrifice). And so to the fellow, be he what he may, who plies this source of revenue at receptions, he will pay his fee he knows that money will buy whatever is for sale. If you are angry with the young and the old because they sin, be angry with babes as well they are destined to sin.

    O how clever is anger in devising excuses for its madness! You, it says, i order to be executed because you were condemned you, because you were the cause of your comrades condemnation you, because you did not obey your commander when, you were ordered to kill. But his virtue has placed him in another region of the universe he has nothing in common with you. And then i made answer that on behalf of the state you had good reason to be stirred - the state which publius clodius on the one hand, vatinius and all the greatest rascals on the other, were putting up for sale, and, carried away by blind cupidity, did not realize that, while they were selling, they too were being sold. For cato it were as ignoble to beg death from any man as to beg life. Punishment injures therefore punishment is not consistent with good, nor, for the same reason, is anger, since punishment is consistent with anger.

    We shall admit, of course, that this quality is the more beautiful and wonderful, the greater the power under which it is displayed and this power need not be harmful if it is adjusted to natures law. Caesar, taking a cup, proposed his health and set some one to watch him the poor wretch went tbrough with it, although he seemed to be drinking the blood of his son. Is it god? You waste your pains when you become angry with him as much as when you pray him to be angry with another. Often, therefore, reason counsels patience, but anger revenge, and when we have been able to escape our first misfortunes, we are plunged into greater ones. This quality mercy repels and bids it stand afar from her with strictness she is in harmony. A father? Either he has been so good to us that he has the right even to injure us, or mayhap the very act which offends us is really a service. Is it a judge? You should trust his opinion more than your own. Again, you call it obstinacy if a man keeps silent when he is questioned. It is enraged against truth itself if this is shown to be contrary to its desire. I, assuredly, could suggest nothing better than that you acquire a truly great spirit, and that you realize how sordid and worthless are all these things for the sake of which we wrangle, rush to and fro, and pant these do not deserve a thought from the man who has any high and noble purpose.

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    1 For those who are familiar with Warfield, he was actually a staunch Calvinist. The ‘radical Arminian’ was my sorry attempt at sarcasm. 2 Benjamin B. Warfield, Inspiration and Authority of the Bible (Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1948) 174.
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    And so his intimate friends would find him out and accuse him, yet he was not displeased by the charge of concealing his anger. To trace the difference between his definition and mine would take too long. To the end that no one may be deceived into supposing that at any time, in any place, it will be profitable, the unbridled and frenzied madness of anger must be exposed, and there must be restored to it the trappings that are its very own - the torture-horse, the cord, the jail, the cross, and fires encircling living bodies implanted in the ground, the drag-hook that seizes even corpses, and all the different kinds of chains and the different kinds of punishment, the rending of limbs, the branding of foreheads, the dens of frightful beasts - in the midst of these her implements let anger be placed, while she hisses forth her dread and hideous sounds, a creature more loathsome even than all the instruments through which she vents her rage Buy now Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

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    Consequently, if we are conscious of being hot-tempered, let us rather pick out those who will be guided by our looks and by our words. But to you i have given the true and enduring goods, which are greater and better the more any one turns them over and views them from every side. He had tortured them by every unhappy device in existence - by the cord, by knotted bones, by the rack, by fire, by his own countenance. Such sensations, however, are no more anger than that is sorrow which furrows the brow at sight of a mimic shipwreck, no more anger than that is fear which thrills our minds when we read how hannibal after cannae beset the walls of rome, but they are all emotions of a mind that would prefer not to be so affected they are not passions, but the beginnings that are preliminary to passions Possible Essay Questions For The Giver Buy now

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    Mad dogs we knock on the head the fierce and savage ox we slay sickly sheep we put to the knife to keep them from infecting the flock unnatural progeny we destroy we drown even children who at birth are weakly and abnormal. I am sure that the gods looked on with exceeding joy while that hero, most ruthless in avenging himself, took thought for the safety of others and arranged the escape of his departing followers while even on his last night he pursued his studies while he drove the sword into his sacred breast while he scattered his vitals, and drew forth by his hand that holiest spirit, too noble to be defiled by the steel. Whoever enters a contest becomes the antagonist of another, and, for the sake of victory, is on the same level Buy Possible Essay Questions For The Giver at a discount

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    By the same reasoning you must also say that lunacy and madness are essential to strength, since frenzy often makes men more, powerful. And is it not true that most of the things that make us angry offend us more than they harm us? But it makes a great difference whether a man thwarts my wish or fails to further it, whether he robs me or merely fails to give. Good morals are established in the state and vice is wiped out if a prince is patient with vice, not as if he approved of it, but as if unwillingly and with great pain he had resort to chastisement. Now there are certain kinds of anger which subside in noise some are as persistent as they are common some are fierce in deed but inclined to be frugal of words some are vented in bitterness of speech and curses certain kinds do not go beyond a word of complaint and a show of coolness, others are deep-seated and weighty and brood in a man there are a thousand different shapes of the multiform evil Buy Online Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

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    Moreover, justice can suffer no injustice, because opposites do not meet. For who that surrenders to anger and rage does not straightway cast behind him all sense of shame? Who that storms in wild fury and assails another does not cast aside whatever he had in him that commands respect? Who that is enraged maintains the full number or the order of his duties? Who restrains his tongue? Who controls any part of his body? Who is able to rule the self that he has set loose? We shall do well to heed that sound doctrine of democritusb in which he shows that tranquillity is possible only if we avoid most of the activities of both private and public life, or at least those that are too great for our strength Buy Possible Essay Questions For The Giver Online at a discount

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    This point also must now be considered, whether those who are habitually cruel and rejoice in huxan blood are angry when they kill people from whom they have neither received injury nor think even themselves that they have received one of such sort were apollodorus a and phalaris. When the skipper finds that his ship has sprung her seams and in every part is letting in a copious flow of water, does he then become angry with the seamen and with the ship herself? No, he rushes rather to the rescue and shuts out a part of the flood, a part he bales out, and he closes up the visible openings, the hidden leaks that secretly let water into the hold he tries to overcome by ceaseless labour, and he does not relax his effort simply because as much water springs up as is pumped out Possible Essay Questions For The Giver For Sale

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    So anger begins with a mighty rush, then breaks down from untimely exhaustion, and though all its thoughts had been concerned with cruelty and unheard-of forms of torture, yet when the time is ripe for purnishment it has already become crippled and weak. You learn to know a pilot in a storm, a soldier in the battle-line. Consequently, many kings have been the victims now of individual, now of concerted, violence, at times when a general animosity had foreed men to gather together their separate angers into one. But if only the weaker man can be injured, and if the bad man is weaker than the good man, and the good have to fear no injury except from one who is no match for them, then injury cannot befall the wise man For Sale Possible Essay Questions For The Giver

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    For no just judge will pronounce one sort of judgement in his own case and a different one in the case of others. But if anger shall be rife on both sides, if the conflict comes, he is the better man who first withdraws the vanquished is the one who wins. But if even the wisest do wrong, whose sin will not have good excuse? Let us look back upon our youth and recall how often we were too careless about duty, too indiscreet in speech, too intemperate in wine. We should shun the courts, court appearances, and trials, and everything that aggravates our weakness, and we should equally guard against physical exhaustion for this destroys what- ever gentleness and mildness we have and engenders sharpness Sale Possible Essay Questions For The Giver




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